看到有太太说现在的投诉信都太温和,于是写了一封不太温和的投诉信,大家可以拿来用。第一段用了@DianaConner 太太的头一段,后面分三点说了辣鸡宣发干的垃圾事。大家发的时候自行加上结尾就好。









To whom may concern,



This is XXX and I'm a sincere fan of MCU from China. Firstly, I'm happy and grateful that Marvel gave China the BEST ever premiere cast. But unfortunately, Chinese promotion team and sponsors are not doing this job appropriately, and it has become a huge DISAPPOINTMENT to Chinese fan and created a NEGATIVE controversy over the issues on Chinese biggest social media, Weibo, which I believe it has damaged the brand image of Marvel Studio and MCU.



Here are some awful things they did during this promotion:



1.Ignoring fans' voice. Before the promotion start, Chinese fans were very clear about "NO IRRELEVANT POP STARS". I don't know if you aware that, when Tom Holland came to China to promote the latest Spider-man, Chinese agency invited a rap singer for "supporting". And right after that, the very same rap singer, was BLOCKED IN NATIONWIDE because of DRUG-USING and SEXISM .This, I'm pretty sure is mostly against the spirit that MARVEL stands for.



In that case, this time, Chinese Marvel fans were intensely against the idea of inviting any pop stars, is a double down for both sides of fans and nobody will be happy (maybe except who made money out of it). And yet, the promotion team IGNORED these voice, which still very loud even after the run-down has been released, COMPRESSED the red  carpet showtime, added ten more irrelevant pop stars(who never say they love any marvel works publicly), and referring Production Team as "OPENING GEUST". It's make us confused: IS THAT STILL A MARVEL EVENT?



2. Incapable in organizing and PR crises managing. As a mass media practitioner, I can barely endure the job that Marvel Chinese promotion team done. Since official account released the run-down, negative comments never stoped, so far there are 3000+ comments and 13000+ repost in a single weibo. And the hash-tag #漫威 宣发#(marvel promotion)was the second in weibo hot search, and full of complaining and disappointed contents.
What did the promotion team do?Noting, N-O-T-H-I-N-G! Only pay some guys to pull the hash-tag heat down, then, not a thing.Today is Apr.17,no more than 60 hours the ceremony is about to begin, and in Chinese social media platform, marvel fans are still complaining and fighting with other pop stars' fans. I have to ask: IS THAT THE KIND OF 10 YEAR CEREMONY YOU WANT TO PROVIDE TO CHINA? OR YOU JUST WANT THIS HEAT, ANY KIND OF HEAT? IS THAT YOUR PLAN FOR CHINESE MARKET?



3.STAFF MAKING MONEY SELLING ACTORS' AGENDA.THE WORST, and the most UNPROFESSIONAL thing to do. Someone approached KOL in fans saying he have some "close connection" to the promotion team(which we strongly suspect he is one of the staffs) ,and we can pay him 600CNY to get very close to actors and chase the car. I think I don't need to say anything more. The screenshot is in attachments.



And there are more incidences I don't want to mention, just want you to know that Chinese fans are like other countries' fans, they love marvel dearly, and we want you to do things right in all accounts.



The attachments are some screenshots in weibo, including contents and comments and hot-search, for your reference.



Thank you for hearing, and I hope you can consider the problem of Chinese promotion team seriously. if you think hard-core fans cannot do this job I can totally understand, but at least, find someone professional.



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